Audiebant Mobile


The Audiebant Mobile Unit

Our system has been designed with your needs in mind. Our developers and manufacturers have worked tirelessly to create this market-leading product.


An Audiebant Account Manager and Engineer(s) will visit your location to oversee the installation and configuration of your system and ensure it is operating perfectly.

Our engineers' intimate knowledge of our own product means a swift and efficient installation.  Having engineers that know our products inside out means there is little chance of problems arising during your hire period.

With over 30 years of experience working with local authorities, all Audiebant systems are built with a focus on the environment. The solar panels give a charge for up to ten days when at full capacity.

The system uses the latest AI technology to give you full control of the audio output. This can be changed to cover all safety or commercial requirements from a cloud bank of messages and recordings.

With 30w-50w speakers as standard and a 125w power amplifier, you are guaranteed the best quality sound and audio coverage.

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Audiebant Mobile has a dedicated support team ready to help you get the most out of your area or event. Our experienced professionals can quickly assess your site's requirements and provide a comprehensive plan for coverage and a detailed quote, all free of charge.

Take full control
of your messaging.

Our audio experience managers and cloud-based technology provide a simple solution to enhance the sound of your space, building brand loyalty and driving higher sales.

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